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BPFP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation established in 1995 .

Our mission: Berkeley Partners for Parks builds vibrant, healthy, ecologically sound communities by providing the infrastructure that volunteer groups need in order to improve the beauty and usefulness of public space and recreation in and around Berkeley, California.

One of BPFP’s main functions is to act as fiscal sponsor and mentor for volunteer community groups who do not have IRS exempt status and whose work aligns with our mission. For these groups, BPFP receives grants and tax-deductible donations and provides banking, record-keeping, and preparation of tax returns. It also provides liability insurance certificates on request. BPFP also offers web hosting, help with publicity, information on grant opportunities, and advice and support from experienced activists with a long record of organizing citizens for responsible stewardship.

Click on any of the forms below. You may choose to (a) type directly in the form and then print it, or (b) print the blank form and fill it out by hand, or (c) save a copy of the blank form to your computer for printing later. It is unfortunately NOT possible to fill out the form and then save a copy of the completed form.


Our web site

The Berkeley Partners for Parks web site is designed to allow all partner groups to post announcements and news in one central place. For partner groups with their own web sites, we encourage you to post your events and major news items here in addition to on your own web site. Partner groups should review the Guidelines for posting before posting (also includes information on receiving your log in name and password).

Web site posting tutorials:

Videos on posting to the web (these files are rather large, so don’t try with a slow internet connection). The WordPress interface has changed a bit, but the basic steps are still the same, although the layout of certain buttons may have changed.

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