BPFP News & Events Guidelines

What groups can post
Groups are encouraged to post announcements about upcoming events, as well as write ups of past events, links to news articles, etc.
Please do not post "too much:" If you are consistently posting once a week, try to figure out a way to combine these posts into once- or twice- a month posts. (It's OK to post more than once a week if you an emergency arises, but try to avoid this.)

If your group does not have a login name and password, sign up here. Registration is not instantaneous, we will call you to confirm you represent the group. Once you are registered, your posts will appear as soon as you post them.
How does the web site work?
Visitors can find your posts in two ways: Through the site's 'home page' or by visiting your group's 'site sub-home page' within the site. The 'Category' links in the side menu allow visitors to find only those posts made by a particular group—in effect the group's 'site sub-home page.' (for example, here's the Path Wanderers' site sub-home page).

As more entries are made to the site, the new ones are listed at the top, and older ones 'scroll off' the bottom. Older posts are retained in the site, and can be found through the archives, category, or a general search.
Can others reply to my posts?
No. This site is designed to only allow those registered to post. It is here for BPFP affiliate groups to post their news and events only.
May 3, 2008: We've upgraded the site, and the instructions below will be changed soon to reflect new a few new steps.
How do I post to the site?
You'll need an account to post. If you don't have one, sign up here (to avoid spam posts, this is not automated, it may take a day or two for your account to become active). Once you have an account, from the site home page (this link will open a new window so you can get back to this page and still keep the posting window open) click on the "Login" link at the bottom of the right column.
Once logged in, click on the "Write" tab (below the Berkeley Partners for Parks title), then complete the following: The "Post" section has several "Quicktags" above it that will help you format the text and add links (if you don't want to use these, you can complete a post without them). The most common Quicktags used are:
All of these formatting will insert the html code in the "Post" area for you. All you need to remember is to "close" the format by clicking on the quicktag when you are finished typing the words you want formatted. You will see a slash (/) in front of any quicktags that haven't been "closed" yet.
How to post a calendar event
To post an upcoming event to appear in the calendar, follow the same procedures as posting any announcement, except add the two following steps:
  1. In the "Categories" list, check the "Events" category in addition to your group's box.
  2. In the "Advanced" section of the "Write Post" page, check the "Edit timestamp" box, and then set the date and time of the start of your event. (Note: If you "Save and continue editing" your post, the software will revert your time stamp to the current time unless you uncheck this box.)
Note: Calendar events appear on the calendar page and in the sidebar calendar listing, but do not appear on your group's page until after the event. While this may seem slightly annoying, it is the limitation of the software that runs the news section. The sidebar calendar does appear on your group's page, so people who visit it will see your event on there.
Can I link to my group's posts from elsewhere?
Yes. Once you have at least one post, your group will show up in the Category menu list. Click on your group's link, then copy the address of this page. You can advertise this link to other web sites, Craigslist postings, etc. The general address will be (the number at the end is the number number for your group's page).

The web site www.bpfp.org is being transferred to our new host. Until this is activiated you will need to use the numbers (yuck!). This numbered address will work even when the transfer is complete.
How to include images, links, and other formatting
The web page where you enter your posts includes buttons for making text bold, italic, links, images and other simple formatting. Most people will find this enough for their posts. If you know hmtl and desire more, you can add other codes.

If you don't want to deal with any of this, you can simply type in the words you want without adding any special codes. The software will create paragraphs for you where you hit the "Enter" key.
How do I make an image line up on the right?
This is the one common format that is not automatically implemented through the online posting system. If you with to have an image place on the right side of your text, simply add the following text at the end of the 'img' code: align="right". (Make sure there is a space between the last " in the 'img' code and the word 'align' that you add.)
How to correct mistakes in your post
When you log in, you can click on "Manage" then "Posts" to see your posts and edit them.
Other questions?
Please contact our web weaver through our contact page.