Berkeley Path Wanderers’ Association: November 2005

BPWA fixing a pathBPWA has been busy his year building trails and getting maps out about themů.July saw the arrival of a revised 3rd edition of BPWA’s map of Berkeley Pathways, after 12,000 copies of the previous edition had been sold. Due to BPWA efforts, the City of Berkeley won a grant from FEMA for fire-prevention work that went in part to build a stairway over a steep drop-off section of Glendale Path, which, like many of the paths, could be crucial for emergency access during a disaster. The Pathwanders continued to make progress on building several of the unimproved paths with the help of community and student volunteers. Call Charlie Bowen of BPWA at 540-7223 to find out how you can plug in.

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