Friends of John Hinkel Park

4/3/02 John Hinkel Playground Update

2/16/02 Article about historic John Hinkel Park

Carol Mimura

The City of Berkeley Dept. of Parks and Waterfront financed, under its mini-grant program, the installation of two new spring-rider toys in the playground area of John Hinkel Park. The new equipment was installed in October and is being enjoyed by children in the 2-8 year age category. Tires were also buried under the existing see-saw and have been a welcome new safety feature. Carol Mimura, the minigrant recipient, thanks Syd Temple of Questa Engineering for the design and implementation of drainage for the new play area and members of Congregation Beth El for volunteer labor and enthusiasm. In addition, we thank park neighbors for their volunteer efforts and Brad Ricards of the City of Berkeley for support, guidance, and volunteer labor throughout.