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April 3, 2002

Meeting was held at the Scout Club House, John Hinkel Park, from 7—8:30 P.M, on March 20, 2002. Community Members present: See attached Meeting Attendee List

Enclosed is a summary of the items we discussed at this meeting. Please review the information for its completeness and accuracy and let me know before April 16. 2002, if this information is not consistent with your understanding of the items we discussed.

The City described the State of California regulations (adopting the Consumer Products Safety Commissions Guidelines for Playground Safety) in effect requiring playgrounds to be upgraded for safety and accessibility. The City is interested in keeping John Hinkel Park the way it is, but it must take action to address potential risk and liability issues associated with the playground equipment. In general, the playground equipment is unsafe because it lacks sufficient fall-absorbing material beneath
it. Usually, a 12" thick layer of loose-fill material—such as wood chips or sand, and a way to contain it, is placed beneath playground equipment for fall-attenuation purposes. A significant amount of
excavation and grading, including the possible construction of retaining walls (possibly battered "earth" walls), may be required in order to create the level space needed to contain this material Few level areas exist in John Hinkel Park. Local funds are not presently alloeated for improvements in John Hinkel Park (and not expected to be budgeted for at least 3 or 4 years). The City is addressing playground safety and accessibility upgrades in all of its parks; priorities are based on the availability of funds ($150,000 per year) and the severity of risk and amount of use criteria.

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April 3, 2002
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