Schoolhouse Creek Common Workday

Schoolhouse Creek Common Update
The first weekend in January this year, the Schoolhouse Creek Common crew installed a couple of boulders that will serve as the entrance (and additional seating) to a meeting area at the east end of Schoolhouse Creek Common. The plan is to finish the project on the second Saturday in March at 10am, the usual work day (rain day the following Saturday). It should be fun, with folks passing boulders along, mixing cement, quaffing coffee and croissants, sowing wildflower seeds, and getting Schoolhouse Creek Common ready for the Native Garden Tour later in spring. We will also be installing a bulletin board. You don’t have to be a neighbor to participate. Come join the fun and see the native plants and wildflowers. Mark your calendars.
For more information, please call Jamie Day, 559-8368,

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