Sat., May 30: Remove invasives at Schoolhouse Creek mouth

Join Friends of Five Creeks volunteers in Eastshore State Park from 10 am – 12:30 pm Saturday, May 30, as improve both habitat and human enjoyment by whacking a welter of invasives weeds. Light and heavy tasks for all — from big clumps of fire-prone Pampas grass to little feathery tumbleweeds. We supply gloves, tools, and snacks. Dress for sun or wind.

Follow signs from the small parking area off West Frontage Road between University and Gilman (Internet maps W. Frontage Rd. and Virginia, Berkeley, though there is no Virginia there). By car, best to park at Sea Breeze Deli, 598 University, and walk 5 minutes north on the Bay Trail. AC Transit 9 also stops at Sea Breeze. The site is a lovely stroll or bike ride via the Bay Bridge and/or Pedestrian/Bicycle trail from Aquatic Park.

Information at,, 510 848 9358.

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