Photo contest: Have your photo on the top of this page

We like the photo at the top of this page, but it’s just the default photo that comes with the template.

Enter your favorite Berkeley parks photo in a contest to select a new heading for these pages. The BPFP Board will select one at their April meeting. Please submit photos by April 10th.

Specifications for photo entries:

  1. Photos should be of parks or recreation in Berkeley.
  2. Photos must be able to be cropped to the proportions no wider than 3 tall by 7 wide (our template is 300×700 pixels). If it is 7 wide, it can be less than 3 tall, but no more.
  3. Photos must be able to be compressed to less than 200 kb without loosing resolution.
  4. The theme is Spring, so think spring.
  5. Ideally, the upper right corner should have a clear area for our heading text to be read over (the text “Berkeley Partners for Parks News/News and events of Berkeley Partners for Parks” you see now).

Email your photos to (remove NOSPAM from email address before sending). If you don’t have email access, call Lee Amosslee at 510-495-7035 so we can coordinate getting your photo submitted.

We’ll have another contest in May for a summer theme photo; if you’d like to submit photos for this now, just be clear with your submission which is for spring and which for summer. If this is successful, we’ll continue the contest each season.

We can watermark your name and copyright into the photo if you’d like.