Codornices Creek volunteering

Groups from Brownies to UC Berkeley public-policy graduate students are pitching in to help with weeding at the most recent restoration on Codornices Creek. A little over a year ago, the creek was “liberated” from a narrow concrete channel west of Fifth Street (alongside University Village and between sports fields). The need now is to keep weeds under control along the newly meandering channel, giving natives time to grow in. The most recent group of helpers — 15 residents of Canterbury House, a residence for UC students focused on public service. Thanks to all — and if your group wants to help, contact us at

BPFP Membership meeting 7:00- 9:00 pm

Everyone is invited to the Berkeley Partners for Parks membership meeting on March 20, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

We’ll start with a brief introduction to BPFP, followed by short presentations from several Adopt A Park groups, detailing their work. Our special guest speaker, Tom Guarino, will give a presentation of the activities of Friends of Oakland Parks & Recreation.

At the end, we’ll have time to socialize and meet the Board members of BPFP.

The meeting will be held in the City of Berkeley “Green Room” at the Corporation Yard, Allston Way at Strawberry Creek Park (2 blocks west of Sacramento on Allston).

Spring Equinox Gathering at Cesar Chavez Park

A great event to stop by before the BPFP membership meeting.

Spring Equinox Gathering 2006

Monday, March 20th
5:45 to 6:45 p.m.
Sunset @ 6:15

Interim Solar Calendar
Cesar Chavez Park

Includes a brief workshop on the earth in relation to the seasons. What does the Equinox mean to you, to a traditional culture? Bring your questions about the workings of sun, earth and moon.

The site has been recently upgraded. Berms were rebuilt, and a new center gnomon and platform were added that will facilitate mid-day (11am to 1 pm) self-directed activities.

The Spring Equinox begins the Cesar Chavez Commemorative period in Berkeley (March 20th – April 23rd). He was born on March 31, 1927 and passed away on April 23, 1993. The park was named for Chavez in 1996. Community-wide commemorative activities and resources along with an update on the Chavez Memorial at the park can be accessed at This years theme is on environmental justice and community service.

Gathering led by David Glaser, Science Teacher

For directions:

Our dog friends have been and will continue to be welcome to the gatherings. However, since the Interim Solar Calendar site is located in the “On-Leash” area of the park, we ask that you respect at all times the city’s effort to keep the park a multi-use one that includes a 17-acre Off-Leash area.

It took several years to achieve the designated “Off-Leash” area of the park, and we do not want to lose the privilege. The City monitors compliance and it is our understanding that there is about 25% non-compliance in general in the park, and about 75% non compliance in the area around the Interim Solar Calendar. Please help by reminding others of the On-Leach and Off-leash areas. It is estimated that about 50% are not fully familiar with the boundaries.

Whale watching with the Farallones Marine Sancturay Association, Sunday March 19

The FMSA invite you to witness the annual coastal migration of gray whales amid the stunning backdrop of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Spend the day in some of the most productive waters on the planet and surround yourself with seabirds, whales and other marine mammals. Our experienced professional naturalist, Carol Keiper, will lead us in this exciting journey of whale exploration.

Sunday, March 19, 2006
Leaving from SF Marina on the Marina Green

$85 per person
$78 with FMSA membership discount

Call 415.561.6625 x 310
or email
to reserve your spot or for more information

Trip departure is weather dependent.

Minimum age for participation is 10 years old.

See other FMSA trips at

SF Neighborhood Parks Council needs our support

From the SF Neighborhood Parks Council

Dear Park Advocates,

The City of San Francisco has supplemental funding available (more than $100 million); two very important hearings will take place to decide how the money is allocated.

City Hall in the Board Chambers, Room 250.
Wednesday (3-15 at 5pm)
Wednesday (3-22 at 1pm)

We urge you to attend one of these important meetings and
to get your friends and colleagues to sign the > Pro-PARKS PETITION by March 22nd when NPC will present it to the Board of Supervisors.

Board President Aaron Peskin has proposed that $35 million be spent on Recreation and Parks Capital Projects allowing all of the Phase 1 projects for the Capital Program to be completed!
> Full Supplemental Spending Proposal

This includes projects for:

Lincoln Park Master Plan, $600,000
Lincoln Playground, $1,092,722
Hamilton Playground, Rec Center and Pool, $14,300,956
Junipera Serra Playground and Clubhouse, $840,000
Lake Merced Master Plan, $875,000
Lake Merced Overlook and Trail, $145,860
Midtown Terrace Reservoir Top, $1,510,927
Buena Vista Park Landscape Improvement, $2,536,275
Sunnyside Conservatory, $3,039,468
Rolph Playground & Clubhouse, $817,712
St. Mary’s Playground, $1,680,000
Kelloch Velasco Park, $1,639,627
Potrero Hill Playground, $1,382,000
Visitacion Valley Greenway Tioga Lot, $1,246,463,
Joseph Lee Recreation Center, $701,000
Sava Pool, $3,007,672

Our beautiful city needs it’s wonderful city parks to promote good mental and physical health! What a great opportunity to restore these vital neighborhood assets that serve everyone in our city!!

Parks lose out to other social services every year despite their critical value to our health, our environment and our economy.
Love your Park sticker
We would love to turn in thousands of signatures to help our Board to justify the expenditure of some of the supplemental funding on the most important physical assets of our neighborhoods in the face of many other claims for the funding.

NPC strongly supports the use of extra funding available to the city for one-time expenses only. IMPORTANT: Because the surplus will be divided to fund multiple causes, the measure for parks is NOT in competition with health
and safety initiatives, etc.

Please let us know if you can attend either hearing; NPC staff will be saving a place in the line for those who can come so that ideally you don’t have to wait too long (just look for the NPC sign and “Love your Park” stickers). We expect to be able to comment at this Wednesday’s hearing by 5:30 p.m.