Honoring Our Peacetime Veterans: The New Deal Legacy in Berkeley’s Parks and Recreational Facilities, Presentation by Gray Brechin, PhD, Author (Imperial San Francisco, etc.) and Urban Geographer

December 5, Wednesday, 7:30 to 9 pm

(Live Oak Park Center Theatre, in Live Oak Park, 1201 Shattuck Avenue,)

Within less than a decade, New Deal public works agencies such as the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps put millions of men to work creating and improving the nation’s public parks and recreational facilities, but their contributions were quickly forgotten after WWII killed those agencies. Gray Brechin is the Project Scholar for The Living New Deal Project, a collaborative effort to inventory, map, and interpret the great legacy of these agencies on California. He is also a fascinating and engaging speaker. He will illustrate the invisible landscape of New Deal accomplishments in Berkeley and seek recollections of long-time residents in the parks so improved. $5-10 donation at the door; Contact: John Steere or Georgia Silvera: seatulip AT hotmail DOT com

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