F5C busy on Berkeley waterfront

Friends of Five Creeks had a busy Saturday, Nov. 8, volunteering in Eastshore State Park. In the morning, a dozen King Middle School 6th graders levered out broom bushes, pulled invasive ice plant, picked up trash, and planted native grasses, all in the course of an interpretive walk from Shorebird Park to the mouth of Strawberry Creek.

In the afternoon, more than 25 volunteers from UC Berkeley (Circle K and Roots and Shoots service clubs) and the community cleared a big broom thicket and masses of invasive weeds from the ecologically important Berkeley Meadow, north of University Avenue.

We’ll be planting natives at Cerrito Creek on November 22, and working on the waterfront again Dec. 6. See the calendar, or www.fivecreeks.org, and join us!

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