Centennial of Berkeley’s Parks Celebration-Take Part in Planning the Celebration

Activists and affiliates of BPFP are requested to participate in the Centennial of Berkeley’s Parks Celebration (August 25 to October 7) by including their paths, creek, community garden, and/or park in this to be defined calendar of events. BPFP and the City of Berkeley are co-sponsoring a month plus of grassroots’ generated activities, talks, picnics, art happenings, volunteer events, and more in Berkeley’s public outdoor places! We hope you will contribute to celebrating these places and their relationship to our lives and community!

The Centennial will kick-off with a city-wide fair to honor 100 years of our first City Park— San Pablo Park, which will be hosted by the San Pablo Park Neighborhood Council.

We invite other groups and individuals to plan and schedule their own events to be part of a Celebrating Berkeley’s Park Centennial and coordinate their activities with us. BPFP will create a calendar and promote the activities widely. To take part, please contact John Steere at jsteere@igc.org or 849-1969.

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