Aquatic Park walk

Saturday, Sept. 22, meet at 10 AM at Waterside Cafe, 84 Bolivar Drive (between Addison and Bancroft)Monkeyflower blooming at south end of Aquatic Park, for a clockwise loop walk around the beautiful manmade lagoons. Leaders Mark Liolios and Aquatic Park EGRET and Toni Mester of Citizens for Eastshore Parks will talks about upcoming public processes that could affect the park: Landmarking some of the WPA-era structures as historic, changes to hydrology under the Aquatic Park Improvement Program, and zoning of adjacent land along Bolivar Drive.

This is a 2-mile, level loop suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, except for a few off-road stops. Fall migrant birds are returning to the park — though it’s not a bird walk, bring binocs if you have them! Information at 510 848 8234.

Help Path Wanderers and BPFP win $10,000; honor Charlie Bowen

Charlie Bowen directing volunteer path builders
Charlie Bowen (lower right) directs path-building volunteers
Berkeley Path Wanderers’ Association path-building head Charlie Bowen is one of three finalists in the 2012 Bay Area Cox Conserves Heroes contest, sponsored by the Trust for Public Land and KTVI Channel 2.

The one that gets the most on-line votes by Sept. 24 will get $10,000 for their chosen nonprofit. Please click here to see short videos on the finalists and vote!

For 10 years, Charlie has worked tirelessly to restore and expand Berkeley’s historic network of public pathways. More than 20 Berkeley paths, formerly overgrown or fenced off, are now open — and with Charlie’s guidance volunteers in four other cities are pursuing similar efforts. Re-opening these beautiful paths and steps, many wooded and with beautiful views, also helps create a heathy, environmentally friendly, walkable city.

Besides enlisting literally thousands of volunteers for what is often heavy pick-and-shovel work, Charlie has planned carefully, recruited surveyors and contractors, and worked positively and respectfully with the city and with neighbors. Many initial skeptics have become enthusiastic supporters.

The runner up will receive $2500 for their nonprofit of choice. The online vote decides which group gets an additional $7,500. Berkeley Path Wanderers, a partner group of Berkeley Partners for Parks, needs funds to pay for handrails that make steeper paths safer, especially for senior citizens.

Evening walk explores Cerrito Ck. and Albany Hill Thurs., Apr. 22

Friends of Five Creeks and Transition Albany invite you to enjoy Cerrito Creek and Albany Hill on a spring evening, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Meet at 6 PM at Peet’s Coffee, San Pablo and Carlson, El Cerrito; wear long pants and sleeves (poison oak) and sturdy hiking shoes with good traction; bring sticks if you use them. This two-hour exploration of rare urban wilderness with fascinating history will cross the creek on stepping stones and gain 300′ elevation on moderately steep, narrow dirty trails — with refreshments at the top! Information at,, 510 848 9358.

Three new bike paths due for Berkeley!

The City of Berkeley hopes to extend three important bicycle-pedestrian routes in the next 2-3 years, using about $4.5 million in state and federal grants:

  • The long-planned extension of the Bay Trail west along the south side of University Avenue to the Marina includes a launch pad for windsurfers near Hs Lordships Restaurant, but leaves out a controversial swath through Shorebird Park.
  • Emeryville’s Doyle Street Greenway will be linked to Berkeley’s 9th Street via the old railroad right-of-way.
  • The Santa Fe Right-of-Way between Delaware and the Ohlone Greenway between Cedar and Virginia will get a paved trail, and the right-of-way between University and Addison will be opened. This will create a long-distance bicycle-pedestrian connection from Bancroft (the south edge of Strawberry Creek Park) to the City of Richmond (where the trail also is being extended).

Stay tuned for planning announcements!