The 22nd Annual Shoreline Cleanup

All groups and individuals should meet at the Berkeley staging area located behind the Seabreeze Market at the corner of University and Frontage Rd. Here, everyone needs to sign waivers, we give you trash /recycle bags, pencils, tally cards and a map of the areas we need to clean. THERE ARE SEVEN BERKELEY SITES, visit for complete details. Most are within walking distance of this area. Here is a map. For children under 18yrs, there is a waiver for their parents/legal guardians to sign, that they can bring to the clean-up.

Clean-up ends at 12:00- At this point, you turn in your tally cards at the main staging area and show us your most unusual items for judging. Each person will get a ticket to be part of our raffle. It usually starts by 12:30. Great Items are donated by local merchants.- If you would like to donate please let us know.

There will be a FREE drop off for volunteers of Electronic and Computer parts at the main site at University and Frontage Rd in the Dirt area behind Seabreeze Market- last year over 100 people came and donated 12 tons of e-waste!

The focus of the clean-ups are where the runoff from East Bay streets and creeks flows into the Bay covering the shorelines with litter. Most of the litter we pick up comes from inland, not the ocean. The new Bay trail runs along Frontage Rd. from Ashby Ave-to University, the site of the Berkeley Beach, connects the East Shore State Park. Some of the areas are part of the Eastshore State Park, which extends along the shoreline between Emeryville and Richmond. The clean-up provides a wonderful excuse to connect the cities, to make a difference and to explore the unique shoreline areas. We encouraged neighbors to do community service to clean up the Aquatic Park.

Summer Solstice Gathering, Interim Solar Calendar, Cesar Chavez Park

Summer Solstice Gathering
Wednesday, June 21st
7:30 to 8:30 pm
Interim Solar Calendar
Cesar Chavez Park
Berkeley Marina

  • Bring your questions about the workings of sun, earth and moon
  • Experience a magnificent sunset
  • Your horizon birthday point
  • The metaphorical meanings of the four directions
  • How is the Summer and geographical South associated with Cesar Chavez & “Si Se Puede”? (particularly important in this time of immigrant civil right struggles)

We have a new center gnomon that allows many mid-day shadow activities.

Workshop led by Tory Brady, Exploratorium Teacher Institute

Dress warmly the weather is part of the experience.

More information at

Spring Equinox Gathering at Cesar Chavez Park

A great event to stop by before the BPFP membership meeting.

Spring Equinox Gathering 2006

Monday, March 20th
5:45 to 6:45 p.m.
Sunset @ 6:15

Interim Solar Calendar
Cesar Chavez Park

Includes a brief workshop on the earth in relation to the seasons. What does the Equinox mean to you, to a traditional culture? Bring your questions about the workings of sun, earth and moon.

The site has been recently upgraded. Berms were rebuilt, and a new center gnomon and platform were added that will facilitate mid-day (11am to 1 pm) self-directed activities.

The Spring Equinox begins the Cesar Chavez Commemorative period in Berkeley (March 20th – April 23rd). He was born on March 31, 1927 and passed away on April 23, 1993. The park was named for Chavez in 1996. Community-wide commemorative activities and resources along with an update on the Chavez Memorial at the park can be accessed at This years theme is on environmental justice and community service.

Gathering led by David Glaser, Science Teacher

For directions:

Our dog friends have been and will continue to be welcome to the gatherings. However, since the Interim Solar Calendar site is located in the “On-Leash” area of the park, we ask that you respect at all times the city’s effort to keep the park a multi-use one that includes a 17-acre Off-Leash area.

It took several years to achieve the designated “Off-Leash” area of the park, and we do not want to lose the privilege. The City monitors compliance and it is our understanding that there is about 25% non-compliance in general in the park, and about 75% non compliance in the area around the Interim Solar Calendar. Please help by reminding others of the On-Leach and Off-leash areas. It is estimated that about 50% are not fully familiar with the boundaries.