BPFP AGENDA for Board Meeting 13 February 2006

Location: Live Oak Park Community Center

  • 1. Approve Minutes of previous meeting
  • 2. Treasurer’s report, fundraising report (John C.,Shelagh)
  • 3.Discuss/modify/approve short-term and long-term goals that we received at the January meeting (John S.)
  • 4.Update on current status of Website (Lisa? Lee?)
  • –How should Adopt-a-Park groups use this site?
    a: if it is their only Website?
    b: if they have their own separate Website elsewhere?
  • –How do we communicate this to the groups?
  • 5. Membership meeting on Monday March 20
    –what time to start and end??
    –Review and confirm evening program
    –Tom Guarino, President of the Board of Friends of Oakland Parks will speak for 15-20 minutes
    –invite sub-groups (how many? which?) to report on their current status
    –when to send postcard? (Susan)
    –do we have a good mailing list to use for labels (John C,Shelagh,Susan)
  • 6.Yolanda Huang (Parks Commission member) presents Parks budget issues for BPFP Board follow-up/action
  • 7.May public meeting to highlight Berkeley Parks Centennial
    –is Monday May 15 the date (3rd Monday)??
    –any update from the planning committee (John S, Lisa, Jacque)?
    –is Berk Historical Society interested in co-sponsoring? (Lisa)
    –speaker?? Galen Cranz, Parks historian? Gray Brechin? (John S)
  • 8.Other updates –
    — SFROW Master/Action Plan for Bancroft to Ashby?
    — BPFP management of Mini grants (John S).
  • 9. Follow-up actions