Berkeley Path Wanderers: A Trail of Four Cities

In a celebration not only of community volunteers but also global climate action, this walk will span 4 towns and involve 4 different community groups. We will start at the Rockridge BART Station where we join Paul Rosenbloom and Oakland Urban Paths on a tour of some of North Oakland’s paths. We will then hook up with Jen English and Colleen Neff in the area of Ashby and Domingo for the Berkeley leg of the trip, led by the Berkeley Path Wanderers. We’ll have lunch near the UC campus and say goodbye to anyone who wishes to make their way to the the downtown Berkeley BART station. We’ll then head to Kensington where Lorraine Osmundson of the Kensington Improvement Club will lead us over some of Kensington’s paths. We’ll then head north to El Cerrito to be intercepted by Joseph Nichols of the newly formed El Cerrito Trail Trekkers, who will cover some of the paths currently being restored by that organization. From there, we will make our way down to the El Cerrito BART station. No dogs, please.

Contact: Keith Skinner 510 520 3876

Meeting Place: Rockridge BART Station

Leader: Multiple Leaders

Transit: BART

More Info: Berkeley Path Wanderers website

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