Autumn Equinox Gathering, Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar

Sunset at Solar Calendar

Solar Calendar
Cesar Chavez Park

Tuesday, September 22nd
6:15pm to 7:15 pm
Sunset @ 7 pm
Led by Rabbi David Cooper

Gathering includes:

  • Mini-workshop on Astronomy & Season
  • Celebrating the Chavez virtue:  Courage
  • Culture & Season


Sunset gathering (Cesar Chavez Commemorative Activities) (Evolution of the site)

Dress warmly ­ The weather is part of the experience.

Thank you to all the dog walkers who have been helping by keeping their dogs on a leash.   This is particularly important when there are a lot of people,  dogs and excitement in the center circle.  It makes for a more orderly and enjoyable experience for all in attendance.  You are some of our biggest supporters.

Those of you who have been there in the past know that we regularly review four virtues of Cesar Chavez which are metaphorically associated with the four cardinal directions.  Tolerance is also one of those virtues.  And it is a good one to be reminded of as we learn to be with one another harmoniously in a special space and moment.

Thanks again to Lee Trampleasure for his photos of our gatherings, these  from the June Solstice.

Marin Circle Neighborhood Walk,

Tuesday, September 15

Berkeley Path Wanderers: Marin Circle Neighborhood Walk, 10 a.m.

Dale Miller and his mutt Giorgio, who live in this neighborhood, will combine a couple of their regular walks and share local knowledge and gossip. Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome. Meet: Marin Circle at Fountain Walk.

Info: 510 524-4758,

Berkeley Path Wanderers: Paths of Mill Valley Walk

Saturday, September 5

Berkeley Path Wanderers: Paths of Mill Valley Walk, 11 a.m.

Walk the rustic paths of Mill Valley and see both the varied ways they were built and the unusual terrain of this picturesque town beneath Mount Tamalpais. The route includes many stairs, but the pace will be moderate. By Reservation only.

Info: 510-520-3876