Bird Rescuers’ Get-Together

Saturday-January 26, 3pm
Bird Rescuers’ Get-Together
Celebrate the Bay and join in a thank-you get-together for everyone who helped after the November oil spill. We will see pictures from the spill, celebrate wildlife that was rescued, chat and hear about what others did, remember and reflect on plans to make it better next time. Short bird program/walk follows. Shorebird Park Nature Center, 160 University Ave., Berkeley (south side of University west of Adventure Playground; AC Transit 9). Information: 510- 981-6720.

Help Plant Natives on Berkeley Paths

Saturday- January 26, 10am
Help Plant Natives on Berkeley Paths
Please join BPWA and Friends of Five Creeks planting natives and removing weeds on Covert Path, part of a long-term project creating demonstration plantings and an “interpretive trail” from hills to Bay in the Codornices Creek watershed.
Meet at the top of Covert Path, downhill side of Keeler Ave. a short distance southeast of Twain Ave. Information at, 510 848 9358.

Weed pull at Pt. Isabel in El Cerrito

Saturday-January 19, 10am-2pm
Dear Fellow Weed Wrenchers
Tom and Jane Kelly are planning a major weed pull along the Bay Trail at Pt. Isabel in El Cerrito. They would very much welcome your help! It’s a great site-(lots of shore birds)-and once the non-natives are gone, the trail will be absolutely gorgeous! We’ll also be opening hte site up for better coverage by existing native plant species and will be looking for opportunities to plant Toyon and Buckeye trees. According to the history books, Buckeyes once covered the Point, so it would be wonderful to re-introduce them.
Here’s the plan:

Schoolhouse Creek Common Update

Schoolhouse Creek Common Update
The first weekend in January this year, the Schoolhouse Creek Common crew installed a couple of boulders that will serve as the entrance (and additional seating) to a meeting area at the east end of Schoolhouse Creek Common. The plan is to finish the project on the second Saturday in March at 10am, the usual work day. (rain day the following Saturday). It should be fun, with folks passing boulders along, mixing cement, quaffing coffee and croissants, sowing wildflower seeds, and getting Schoolhouse Creek Common ready for the Native Garden Tour later in spring. We will also be installing a bulletin board. You don’t have to be a neighbor to participate. Come join the fun and see the native plants and wildflowers. Mark your calendars.
For more information, please call Jamie Day, 559-8368,

Annual update of 2007 Activities

Our annual Update highlights activities of BPFP and our affiliate groups from 2007:

From the Board introduction:

We are hopeful the energizing power of partnerships will become a theme of the 21st century. Around the world individuals are organizing in their local areas to improve their lives, and Berkeley Partners for Parks is a leader in those efforts in our community.