And yet another way to enjoy and appreciate Berkeley outdoors….

CHAIN REACTION Street Game, Oct. 17

It’s year 2020. Berkeley has been successfully privatized down to the very last brick. The University now only accepts students that are guaranteed to contribute directly to the global economy – that is, students of Business, Economics, Engineering and Law. The University is now a corporation.

Chain Reaction is a playful mix of street game and performance that takes place across the city of Berkeley. Players are challenged to explore the city environment, play with their surroundings and complete mystifying tasks. A series of smaller game moments lead up to a big finale in which the players must use all their creativity to help the corporation reach its goal of total world domination. The team that best helps to spread the joyful message of total corporatization gets an extremely valuable prize 🙂

The game begins on Saturday 17th at 1pm in upper Sproul Plaza in Berkeley. Bring comfortable clothes and footwear, and something to drink (in case corporate talk makes you thirsty)!

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