The Young Artists Workspace
At Totland Park, Virginia & McGee Streets, Berkeley

YAWS Newsletter Fall 2000
YAWS Newsletter Spring 2000
YAWS Newsletter Fall/Winter 1999-2000


Children everywhere share the urge to create and, as researches are finding, their early artistic endeavors are essential to key brain development. Interestingly, their creative development is strikingly similar regardless of background and culture. Even though children can benefit greatly from making art, a lack of information, materials, and proper encouragement often prevents them from developing their potential as young artists.

It is central to the YAWS philosophy that every person is an artist and therefore deserves the opportunity to express his or her own artistic voice. The primary goal of YAWS is to provide the City’s children with a dynamic art center where they can increase their knowledge of various visual art techniques, develop an appreciation of art from many cultures, and have the chance to exhibit their own artwork. These goals are accomplished via three types of free or low cost classes: Art for Tots, Fine Art for Kids, and Young Artists Studio.



The purpose of YAWS is threefold:

To provide children diverse in age, race, ethnicity, and background with a dynamic, inspiring, community art center.

To safely and successfully expand the capacity of the community’s children to learn and create.

TO enable the development and deepening of meaningful relationships between the community’s children, parents, caretakers, teachers, and peers.



Art for Tots (ages 1-4) Classes will be held on a drop-in basis and will require parent or caretaker participation. To accommodate their individual attention spans, toddlers will be free to come and go during the two hour class time. A wide array of materials will be used in order to provide ample access to a variety of tactile and visual experiences.

Fine Art for Kids (ages 5-8) Students will become familiar with traditional and unconventional fine art techniques used in a variety of visual art forms. High quality materials will be made available to students, that they may learn the value of using superior tools and supplies. Students will be encouraged to explain the ideas behind their artwork and to articulate their creative process.

Young Artists Studio (ages 9-14) Students will be exposed to a wide range of artistic styles, forms, and materials. Students will be given more freedom to choose how they would like to employ different techniques. Students will be encouraged to explore their own particular artistic interests and individual styles. Each young artist will be encouraged to develop artistic ideas into a series of related pieces.

Pre-registration is required for Fine Art for Kids and Young Artists Studio class sessions. Fees may be adjusted according to a sliding scale.


Fall 2000 Schedule

Art for Tots
Ages 1 - 4
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings
10:15AM – 12 Noon

Art for Threes and Fours
Ages 3 - 5
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings
10:15AM – 12 Noon

Fine Art for Kids
Ages 5 - 8
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3:45 – 4:45PM
Sunday 9:30 – 10:30AM

Young Artists Studio
Ages 9 - 14
Monday 3:45PM – 5:45PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 1:00PM


Art for Tots Classes are free to all participants; a $2.00 donation to help cover operation costs is welcomed.

Art for Threes and Fours $25.00 for each six class session

Fine Arts for Kids $40.00 for each six class session

Young Artists Studio $50.00 for each eight class session.

For More Information call: (510) 204-YAWS