San Pablo Park Tot Lot Installation
May 1998

KidsMixingCement.jpg (15348 bytes)            GirlsMixingCement.JPG (20459 bytes)
                                                                       Kids Mixing Cement


BoyWorkingOnStructure.JPG (13096 bytes)           GirlWorkingOnStructure.JPG (14886 bytes)
                                                                               Working on the Play Structure

EarlyStructure.jpg (18983 bytes)    PuttingInTheSwings.jpg (12473 bytes)
                                Even the old guys help out!


DiggingAHole.JPG (16600 bytes)     DiggingTalkTubeTrench.JPG (7446 bytes)      KidsPlayInTheSand.JPG (10650 bytes)
  Digging a hole for the "crazy-daisy" spring toy                                    Digging a trench for talk tube pipe       Smaller Children Play in the Sand


TrainLisaAndRoger.JPG (14754 bytes)    AaronWithTwoKids.JPG (8832 bytes)   GuysMovingTrainPieces.jpg (17999 bytes)
Working on the Train


PuzzlingOverSprings.jpg (15493 bytes)    InstallingParkBench.JPG (13474 bytes)    PuttingOnTheRoof.JPG (21552 bytes)
Puzzling over the springs for the racer spring toy                     Installing a Park Bench                                                         Putting the Roof On


PosingAtTheBBQ.JPG (22335 bytes)      PosingWithJelinek.JPG (13293 bytes)
  Posing at the BBQ.  Mayor Shirley Dean 3rd from left.                 Posing at the Play Structure