HopPer Commons Association

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Peralta Garden

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Entrance to Peralta Garden

The HopPers Commons Association offers beautiful and peaceful meeting places in its three thriving community gardens for residents of Berkeley and the surrounding communities.  Individuals and organizations can schedule the use of the Commons in the Karl Linn Community Garden, the Peralta Community Garden and the Northside Community Gardens for meetings, educational workshops, cultural and social events, birthdays or other celebrations.

The Associaton administers and schedules the use of the Commons to protect the gardener's individual plots and the serene ambiance so important for the gardener's intimate contact with plants and the earth.

Annual membership of $15 includes liability insurance.  Tax-deductible contributions can be paid with checks to the non-profit Berkeley Partners for Parks, marked "for HopPer Commons Association" membership dues.  Please mail checks to BPFP, PO Box 13673, Berkeley, CA 94712.

Contact Herb Weber at 510-351-3075.

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