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Strawberry Creek News - November '02

In recent months, Friends of Strawberry Creek has focused on developing an organizational structure, including bylaws, to help us better plan, prioritize and make decisions about important issues facing the creek. We continue to monitor the broken culvert at Strawberry Creek Lodge and North Valley Street, and to work with Ecocity Builders, the Public Works Department and others on finding a creative solution to this complex problem. We applied for and received conditional support from the Berkeley mini-grant program for a small grant to rebuild the deteriorated fence at the Strawberry Creek overlook on Allston Way, pending a survey of property lines. For more information, contact Janet Byron at or 848-4008.

Strawberry Creek Lodge Restoration Project Update: This year, work began in June under the leadership of Chris Kroll. We have cleared Algerian ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and Siberian elm from a large section of the bank west of Jane's site, including with the assistance of volunteers from the California Native Plant Society. We are now in the process of putting down erosion-control blankets to hold the bank during the winter and prevent erosion. Kroll has a final plant list thanks to Jane Kelly, Lisa Viani-Owens and the Urban Creeks Council. We are just beginning to gather our plants together and will be planting beginning later this month or at the beginning of December. If you are interested in coming to a work party, contact Chris Kroll at or 528-2277.

Friends of Strawberry Creek Overview

The mission of Friends of Strawberry Creek is to restore, protect and improve Strawberry Creek and its watershed, bringing to Berekley the pleasures of healthy aquatic and riparian ecosystems.  Our goals include restoring creek banks an daccessibility, improving water quality, encouraging native vegetation and removing invasive non-native plants, enhancing wildlife habitat and populations, daylighting teh creek whereever possible, and educating and involving the public for the betterment of Strawberry Creek.

We meet periodically, restore habitat, host work parties, and pursue grant opportunities, and are involved in a variety of other creek-related advocacy activities.

Donations: Friends of Strawberry Creek is an all-volunteer group that depends on your voluntary dues.  Send tax-deductible checks to BPFP-Friends of Strawberry Creek, 2206 Acton St, Berkeley, CA 94702.

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