Aquatic Park EGRET


Mark Liolios, 549-0818

About Aquatic Park EGRET

Aquatic Park EGRET is a community-based volunteer organization that works to improve Berkeley's largest city park for visitors and wildlife.

EGRET assists in the stewardship of this regional biological resource by enhancing the habitat value of the park through tending of native coastal plantings.

We pull weeds, spread mulch, remove trash, and plant native vegetation to provide food, shelter, and screening for the park's birds.

Strolling is the best way to enjoy Aquatic Park's beauty and charm. Feel free to join us on a guided walk that highlights the park's natural features and cultural history.

EGRET stands for Environmental Greening, Restoration, and Education Team and you're welcome to participate in our team's activities.

To help on one of EGRET's stewardship projects or to arrange a guided walk in the park, contact us or (510) 549-0818.