Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

wanderers.jpg (14812 bytes) Dedicated to the creation, preservation and restoration of public paths, steps and walkways in Berkeley for the use and enjoyment of all.

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association Website:

Path Wanderers Overview

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA) is a grassroots volunteer group of community members who have come together to increase public awareness of the CIty of Berkeley's pathways.  We hope to accomplish this goal through a series of activities open to all who wish to participate; these include scheduled, peer-led path walks and volunteer path-building workparties. We hope the final outcome of the community effort will be the restoration and on-going maintenance of all the paths and steps throughout Berkeley.

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Annual membership in BPWA is $5.00. To join, please visit our web site.

Berkeley Path Wanderers Continues Path Improvements 

Berkeley Path Wanderers' Association continues to use volunteer labor (yours!) and city and donated funds to build and maintain paths.

Photo on right is of Eagle Scout Candidate Warren Talbot & BSA Troop 19 Leader Paul Maheu, Keeler Ave. Path Improvements, December 1999

For more information, visit the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association web site