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    The Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative brings together diverse members of the community around a common commitment to urban agriculture and access to healthy food for all residents of Berkeley.  We are gardeners, teachers, community activists, students, nutritionists, writers, public office holders and others who share ideas, knowledge vitality and resources to increase local food production and improve nutrition.

    The Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative (BCGC) is presently engaged in two areas of work: the creation and maintenance of organic gardens for community use, and the development of our emerging local food system, The Berkeley Food Project and the Food Policy Council.

    Community gardens empower individuals, knit together a stronger community, beautify local areas, produce clean and nutritious food, and provide valuable recreational, spiritual and therapeutic opportunities.  We believe that by growing food together, we can restore ourselves to our ancestral, historical and spiritual roots in agriculture, shared by people throughout the globe.

    School gardens, on-site at elementary, middle and high schools, aim to integrate organic food production into the curricula and into the school lunch programs.  Children are introduced to food production, nutrition, composting and ecological awareness, as well as cooking and preparing the food to share around the table.

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