2almostopen_s.jpg (6368 bytes) 2circ_s.gif (16664 bytes) 2cuttingwood_s.jpg (8684 bytes)
2cuttingwood2_s.jpg (8401 bytes)
The dust is flying
2dandean_s.jpg (8943 bytes)
Dan Dean
2danzasa_s.jpg (6620 bytes)
Berkeley GC Zasa Swanson and Benicia GC Daniel Smith
2darreyl_s.jpg (9272 bytes) 2dragondone_s.jpg (9273 bytes) 2dragonstart_s.jpg (7567 bytes)
Painting the Komodo Dragon Slide
2drawdragon_s.jpg (4662 bytes) 2dumpingfibar_s.jpg (4678 bytes) 2fourpyramids_s.jpg (3977 bytes)
2goplayscene_s.jpg (10268 bytes) 2goplayscene2_s.jpg (10006 bytes) 2graveldump_s.jpg (9101 bytes)
2hammering_s.jpg (7145 bytes) 2jebmarkzasa_s.jpg (6472 bytes)
Jeb, Zasa and Marc after a job well done.
2krisworthington_s.jpg (6648 bytes)
Kriss Worthington
2may21build_s.jpg (9773 bytes) 2milkpopsicle_s.jpg (9678 bytes)
Kids create a large popsicle stick playground
2ms_s.gif (6695 bytes)
B&W Photographer Mark Swanson
2pat_s.jpg (8267 bytes)
Pat Bengston-Jones works on the cadillac of sand boxes
2patchris_s.jpg (7726 bytes)
Chris Stinehour working on the stone wall.
2playgroundart_s.jpg (6805 bytes)
Just before the grand opening, the playground is decorated with kids art.
2rakinggravel_s.jpg (9573 bytes)
Raking gravel
2sandtower_s.jpg (8794 bytes)
Kids sanding a tower
2sawground_s.jpg (9691 bytes)
2screwboard_s.jpg (8311 bytes) 2scrubtire_s.jpg (8595 bytes)
Kids scrubbing tires
2scrubtire2_s.jpg (8720 bytes)
2shirleyandzasa_s.jpg (8887 bytes)
Zasa with Mayor Shirley Dean
2spreadingfibar_s.jpg (5454 bytes)
Spreading "chips"
2theazasa_s.jpg (6612 bytes)

Zasa with Thea Daniels, food queen

2worksite_s.jpg (7094 bytes) 2zasashirleyworking_s.jpg (10997 bytes)
Look, she works too!
2makingweb_s.jpg (9130 bytes)
Working on the spider web.
2peggyandgail_s.jpg (19938 bytes)
Parks & Rec Commissioners Peggy & Gail at work