People's Park News

New Play Area Planned for People’s Park

by Dana Merryday

We are a group of interested community members who are working towards improving the children’s play area at People’s Park in Berkeley. There is currently a small sanded play area with a small slide and two swings. Such a historic park that has played such a pivotal role in Berkeley’s cultural fabric deserves a more welcoming and attractive area for our younger citizens.

A community-developed plan for People’s Park has identified the play area as a priority for improvement. The People’s Park Advisory Board has been discussing the possibilities of improving and expanding the children’s play area. Beginning last spring, surveys were developed and are available at the People’s Park recreation office. A community meeting was held in the Park last June. We are actively seeking community input to help guide this process.

This is a call for all persons who have ideas, visions, and interest to come and share those with us and help develop real input from the community so that our improved children’s area reflects the needs and desires of our community and it’s children.

If you have anything to add to this process, ideas to share, or are interested in helping to make this vision a realization please contact Dana Merryday at (510) 464-4615 or

Current and future generations of Berkeley’s children thank you! Everybody gets a blister! Let a thousand parks bloom! Make it happen!