Proposed FY04 & FY05 Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Budget acrobaticon-sm.gif (200 bytes)

As of 6/5/03, this budget is not finalized, it's not to late to send your input to the department or the Mayor & Council.

Like all departments, Parks, Rec. & Waterfront must make cuts.  The heaviest cuts fall on Recreation, which is dependent on the City's General Fund.  Proposed reductions include:

  1. Eliminate one Landscape Gardener position, one Building Maintenance Mechanic position.
  2. Reduce outside contracts for landscape architectual services
  3. Reduce service contracts with BYA and East Bay Conservation Corps
  4. Reduce capital spending by $20K
  5. Reduce overtime and supplies by $105K
  6. Reduce spending on ADA compliance by $137.5K per year
  7. Reduce community agency funding by $56.5K.  Eliminate funding for Young Artist Workspace, reduce funding for Berkeley Youth Alternatives' youth programs.
  8. Eliminate funding for special recreation events, shorten summer recreation programs and increase fees, eliminate recreation center fee waivers.
  9. Close Willard and West Campus pools during winter weeks.
  10. Reduce recreation office and field staff.